Interact Counselling provides counselling, organisat ional development and other human services. Our privacy policy fully embraces the principles and requirements of the Federal Privacy Act . This policy covers how we collect, use and disclose, keep secure, and provide access to personal informat ion that we may have about our contact with you. We will be fair, open, ethically responsible, respect ful and lawful in our dealings with you, part icularly about your personal informat ion.
With your permission, we collect informat ion about your situat ion with the intention to assist you in the areas and issues you wish to explore and address. For most of our clients this relates direct ly to counselling they are undertaking with us, but for other clients this may involve professional supervision and development , staff training, or organisat ional development . If we collect information from another person or agency with respect to your situat ion, we will advise you of
this and the sorts of informat ion that have been collected.
Summarised notes are made of informat ion that is collected. These documents are collated into an Interact Counselling file that include demographic informat ion including your name, age, address and other information pertaining to your dealings with us. Limited information may be stored electronically for account ing purposes only. We agree to maintain your privacy and treat confident ially any informat ion that is collected. This informat ion is stored in secure facilit ies, with access only being provided to your counsellor or the staff member who has direct contact with you, or others who have a legal right to do so. We will take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access.
We wish to ensure that any informat ion we hold is correct and reliable. Hence, you may access our records after giving us reasonable notice. We encourage you to advise us of any informat ion you believe is incorrect , incomplete or out of date.
We will either (a) correct this informat ion or (b) note on our records your advice to us about the accuracy and reliability of the informat ion, and the correct ion you sought.
Somet imes a referral or consultat ion with another person or agency is required. We agree to consult with you prior to any release of informat ion for these purposes, and to seek and gain your permission for any release of private informat ion.
Situat ions where we may need to release informat ion without your permission are limited, and will occur only in circumstances where there is a clear danger to the health and well-being of yourself and/or others.
We will discuss our privacy policies with you at the commencement of our contact and encourage you to raise any concerns you have so that we may clarify any aspect that is unclear. Please feel free to ask us any quest ions you have about our collection, use, and storage of personal informat ion, and your access to it .